Comment: I resent being called a "Paulian", or a "Paulite" or a "Paulbot"

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I resent being called a "Paulian", or a "Paulite" or a "Paulbot"

because all the MEDIA does is to pidgeon-hole us all & make us look like we're some group of morons and misfits! They don't kid me!

If ANYBODY refers to me in those terms to my face, I will have a thing or two to say back!

Regarding our down-hearted feelings after Super Tuesday, what did we expect? A fair contest? Right! And, some of us actually believe the RINOS played fair ball? Right. In a cold day in hell they did, from Iowa to Nevada to Maine, and then some.

The reason I'm angry with Dr. Paul & headquarters is because they never filed a lawsuit against BIG MEDIA for blatant election engineering and slander, defamation, etc. take your pick. It is for this reason I am not happy with the campaign.