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Oh, don't get me wrong:

Oh, don't get me wrong: I wasn't doubting the message's authenticity. I was just curious about its provenance.

Understand my confusion: The original poster (Barracuda_Trader) (one of the coolest handles around this place, by the way) started this post with a specific link:

And so it was only natural to assume the block of text that followed had been drawn from this specific link -- a link that was repeated four more times in the post.

"So, huh," I quietly asked myself as I browsed the link in question, "what happened to all the text posted by Barracuda_Trader? Did the Paul campaign decide to abruptly trim it down for some reason?"

And so, being obsessive as I am, I was confused.

You have provided a clue: That lengthier text appeared in an email of some kind.