Comment: Youth enthusiasm and indolence are a bad combination

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Youth enthusiasm and indolence are a bad combination

You see thousands attend the rallys, all these youth coming together for a common cause. If gives Paul and others false hope that he can win the preferential poll, but leads to disappointment because only a fraction show up to vote. We have a vocal youth but not a voting youth, lots of bark but no bite, they shout but they don't show, they party but they don't participate, the bandwagoners outnumbering true believers. Paul can't seem to convert those rallys into results but it's not his fault.

Ron Paul Not a Hit With Youth Voters on Super Tuesday

The youth should know by now what to do. After disappointing results on Super Tuesday by going below expectations. Hopefully he can win his hometown Texas and also California after knowing now that Ron Paul can't win by just showing up in his rallys, that they have to show up to vote. Delegates are great but let's not downplay winning a primary or caucus which is great for momentum. Also, if he doesn't win a single contest it creates a public perception that he is not electable and that Paul is not a viable candidate.