Comment: sorry to offend you, but i'm NOT buying it.

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sorry to offend you, but i'm NOT buying it.

if robertson were sincere, he would endorse ron paul and the other liberty candidates. this fraud robertson claims to be a champion of the right to life, yet he endorses mostly pro-abort candidates like giuliani. i consider santorum to be a fraud too, because he endorsed and even vigorously campaigned for arlen specter, who was an outspoken pro-abort. i look at what people do more than what they say. you can believe robertson if you want to, but i'll take him seriouly only when his actions are compatible with his own talking points.
it's really arrogant of you to label my comment as "adolescent" just because you don't agree with my opinion. it's adolescent of you to accuse me of bigotry when you don't have any idea what my opinion is based on. what does biotry have to do with anything said here?? i have good reason to not believe robertson, and bigotry has gone NOTHING to do with it.