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Okay I am a Ron Paul supporter I am a huge fan of liberty and Ron Paul will win , but I am kind of getting tired of this Kony thing right about now. I was wondering how come this one man gets all this attention on facebook and twitter smh I know everyone has seen the YouTube video. I looked on YouTube and he has over 38million views has anyone thought of that because I have. What am I trying to say is that all the moneybombs we have had and all the money that we the people have donated we should of have thought about something like the Kony piece. If we can just get a whole 30 minute piece like that man oh man I tell you we would have the establishment gone in a snap of a finger. We can do this guys I know that can be use as an TAKEOVER and we can take back our country ! But it is insane how this one guy can get all this attention and Ron Paul gets any I just do not get it we need make an effort like that I know we can do it I know we the people and the Ron Paul campaign has resources to make this happen! Oh yea I have one more thing to say before I end these thoughts on my about this whole thing I have a child myself a little girl I love her to death! My heart goes out to all the thousands of kids and families that have died and that our still missing really it does but I do not want to think that this whole Kony thing is just a subliminal message and an act of war just to go into Africa my heart says no how sad not but my mind says I do not know I just hope not :(. Please comment and let me know what you think and one last thin we can WIN this !