Comment: Good luck, Dr. Paul!

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Good luck, Dr. Paul!

I wish him the very best. Even he knows Idaho was a total loss, though. The way our new caucus is set up, all of Idaho's delegates get to be hand picked by Romney.
I sincerely wish I could be more help. I did what I could and as usual, I was repaid in backstabs and hatefulness by my fellow RP supporters. What the good Christian Republicans dish out is a walk in the park compared to the "support" and "friendship" of RP supporters. It seems the "Liberty Movement" only has no room for those who simply love truth and are willing to work hard. If you can't lie, cheat and steal, you are not a real Patriot (like the good Christians running to be my local tyrant.)
I appreciate this letter, it is something I wanted to see. Ironically, I did not get sent the email.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked: