Comment: 'We' don't need bases. The Banksters do.

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'We' don't need bases. The Banksters do.

The US has bases all over the world so that the banksters that control our country can force other countries to use the proprietarily issued fiat currency produced by the private entities controlling the Federal Reserve Bank as if that currency product were not fiat.

Every oil purchase must be made in petrodollars which means all nations hold vast volumes of dollars in reserve. This reserve stabilizes all of the currency when it is the currency is manipulated and as such the power of the dollar does not fluctuate as if would if it were not held in reserve to the extent in which it is.

The bases are there so as to destroy the economies of any nations which threaten the currency dynamic as well as to protect the sovereignty of the nations that play along regardless of their specific form of governance or record on human rights.

We protect the generational sovereignty of some of the most human rights violating some'bitch monarchies that exist against everything America stands for because it is they won't sell their oil for anything other than dollars, which forces other countries to hold on to dollars.

The media the banksters themselves own makes up outlandish lies about countries which sell oil for anything other than petrodollars in order to get the American people's sense of 'Exceptionalism' to look the other way when those lies are acted upon and the economies of those nations destroyed and the regimes are replaced with bankster puppets.

China does not need bases all over the world because China does not have a private central bank that is in control of China’s leadership forcing a Chinese for-profit version of currency down the throats of the rest of the world.

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