Comment: I don't know.

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I don't know.

They couldn't afford or just didn't want to pay someone to take care of their dog while they went on vacation. Instead, they strapped the family dog Seamus onto the roof of the vehicle for the 12 hour drive into Canada in some sort of dog carrier. This was apparently in violation of Massachusetts state law, which doesn't carry a whole lot of weight with me.

The problem I have with the media's presumptive Republican Nominee is that this whole story came to light in the 2008 cycle when a reporter asked Romney to cite an example of his quick decision making ability. Romney chose this story because apparently at some point on the journey, Seamus crapped down the back window of the vehicle. Mitt's kids were understandably disturbed by this. Romney used his quick decision making ability to pull off to a gas station and clean off the window. Sounds like he's really ready for those life and death decisions a President is forced to make.

Ok. So he picked a bad story for that answer in one interview four years ago. A Presidential race is grueling so I'll cut him some slack.

But then I see a video of him talking about the incident, he insists that the kennel was air tight. I think it would be a lot more cruel to put a dog in an air tight kennel for a multi-hour trip, but what do I know? I'm not a captain of industry like Mr. Romney.

Assuming that the kennel was air tight, I am confused how Seamus's feces managed to escape to make it onto the back windshield? Is the legend true that the poop of the pets of the one-percenters really is lighter than air?

Dr. Paul does have an easier time campaigning in one respect. When you are not constantly lying and making crap up, it is a lot easier to keep your story straight and within the realm of reality.