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Because "mainstream" types

Because "mainstream" types might click on it, read it, and ask, "what the hell is this nonsense?", and find yet another reason not to vote for our candidate.

Perhaps people should try taking a course in endocrinology before buying into this backyard medicine. You can't "decalcify" your pineal gland; if you did, you would likely stop producing sex hormones until it recalcified, or do you plan to inject CLR into the central canal of your spinal cord and wait for it to slosh around your ventricles?

So which is it, are we in danger of plasticizer resins and polyfluorooctanoic acid in teflon blocking our sex hormones and turning us into chemically castrated eunuchs, or fluoride salts calcifying our pineal glands and turning us into sex crazed maniacs?