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Have some questions

First, thank you, Northstar Freedom, for all your work, time and effort to become a delegate.
Does anyone here think that maybe the RP delegates that didn't show up may have actually been from 'the dark side' and pretended to be RP supporters?
Reading this blog, one will find a lot of info and everyone knows RP's strategy so why wouldn't the 'dark siders' try to thwart our efforts?
As great as hearing good news is - I sometimes feel we are seriously showing our hand and we KNOW the GOP is going to do everything in its power to stop the good Doctor from being its nominee. Why wouldn't non-RPers try to become RP delegates just to screw us up?
And is it possible for real RP delegates to somehow secretly strategizing with other RP delegates to ensure they will all attend the meeting? I know that may be difficult to do, but when I read that 6 of 8 delegates are RP supporters but only 2 show up I have to wonder how dedicated those 4 absentee delegates are and if they really are RP supporters.
Perhaps I'm a bit too overcautious, or have become jaded, but after watching the GOP fraud caucus results again and again, I just think more care needs to be taken.
I truly do appreciate those who show up and are fighting for positions within the GOP and running for office and my comments aren't meant to take anything away from those true patriots. I just don't want to see us be had by old guard GOP thugs.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison