Comment: Any delegate who needs help need only post and ask

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Any delegate who needs help need only post and ask

Ron Paul's campaign is running on a shoe string and needs more money coming in. Many of us cannot give to him directly anymore having reached our limits either earlier in the year or last year like I did. But personally I would be happy to help some delegates attend. I have started my own business again to be able to support this effort.

Folks this is a critical time. Please reach deep - into your savings or 401Ks to help Dr. Paul. If we continue down this road there will be nothing left of our 401Ks anyway. Better to put it to a good cause now with someone who can lead our nation back to sound fiscal policies without which we will all end up desperately poor. Now is the time to invest in our future in every way you can - in the delegates, in Dr. Paul's campaign first, in the full time volunteers working for our liberty, the dailypaul, rev pac, etc.. Some of us can work for the campaign full time and some of us can't - but we can support those who can. Dig deep - there won't be anything left if we continue down this path and it will take all of us - our effort, our time and our money to make this happen. Don't expect help from the GOP - it is not coming - this is something you and I have to do. NOW IS OUR TIME, THIS IS OUR MOMENT...DON'T HOLD BACK IN ANY WAY!