Comment: I don't believe that the author

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I don't believe that the author

is saying that Paul and Churchill are the same people or have the same ideology. I think what's being said is that Britain had a very bad time in 1941 and Churchill played a major part in the continuing resistance and defense movement. There is no doubt that he was very much a man with substantially different principles than Dr. Paul. And yes, its quite likely that Paul would have handled things very differently if he had been in the same place. However, you need to put Churchill's actions into perspective. Germany had treated Britain horribly and slaughtered a lot of your British soldiers. I would not be surprised if Churchill operated on an anger budget.
Its kind of funny. Everyone here get's pissed when the MSM call s Dr. Paul a "Randian" because he happens to agree with some of her statements. Along comes the author, stating that Churchill's fight and Paul's fight require similar ideological lines in the sand and he get's lambasted for it. Irony, thy name is...irony?