Comment: Develop a majority - early!

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Develop a majority - early!

How do you take over the conventions? - By having a majority!!!!
How do you have a majority? - Start early, call, meet in person all your Ron Paul donors and known supporters. Ask them get on board to be a delegate. Do not only rely on a handful of volunteers. The single biggest strategic mistake made in my county is we did not engage the donors. We only contacted people who are active in the Ron Paul group of which only less than 40% got on the delegate process.

Typically a mid-large size GA county, only 120+ people even show up to the GOP convention meetings. But it is not difficult to find at least 75 committed Ron Paul supporters to take a majority. But you must start early and contact every known supporter in person. Email is not enough!!! Pursue them!! You also need to decentralize the educational info regarding the delegate process. EVERY potential delegate need to be armed with strong knowledge on how to handle different scenarios. Take initiatives. Use your own judgement. Take action. Those are the lessons I want to share with those who have not started their delegate process. If the very first step you only engaged 30% of the potential supporters to be involved as delegate, every step further you will be reduced even more.