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My mistake...I meant radioactive phospate ore

It's the phosphate ore where they get the fertilizer. I forgot to mention the fluoride also comes from that industry as well:

As noted by the Sarasota Herald Tribune (

"there is a natural and unavoidable connection between phosphate mining and radioactive material. It is because phosphate and uranium were laid down at the same time and in the same place by the same geological processes millions of years ago. They go together. Mine phosphate, you get uranium."

I guess I would assume the military wanted to do dump the toxic waste into the water it because that is what they did and continue to do to this day if they wanted to cap and store it don't you think they'd do that? Even the EPA's own scientists have protested fluoridation and pointed out it is illegal to dump this stuff into the lakes or streams and yet it's somehow deemed okay to put in drinking water.