Comment: Why does Kelly Maher not tell

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Why does Kelly Maher not tell

Why does Kelly Maher not tell us why they were shouting, what is the story? This is misleading and I hope that we will get the full and true story here soon instead of this video that tries to show DR. Paul's supporters as "uncivil".


If Kelly Maher was an honest person then she would have posted the whole video especially the part leading to the "shouting" part but she didn't.

So here is what happened and I'm quoting a comment at the same story and video posted at denverpost:


They are not screaming at the chair, they are trying to be recognized with a “point of order” request. Once that requested is made, the chair is immediately suppose to recognize the request, which he didn’t, so after that he had multiple people shouting the request.

It’s basic Roberts Rules of Order.

The Chair does not rule the convention, the body (attendees) do. The Chair is suppose to keep order via Roberts Rules of Order and follow procedure and follow what the body votes for.