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I was at the Dekalb county

I was at the Dekalb county meeting, and I absolutely agree. To have success at delegate meetings, get organized. I suggest the following:

*Get to know all RP supporters eligible for becoming a delegate or alternate to your convention. Get to know faces and names. Join meet up groups. Meet and share information and strategy. Make use of RP donor lists and reach out to these people and encourage them to attend. Help each other! So much of this is a numbers game! You want to try to build a voting bloc of RP supporters to vote each other into every slot you can.

*Show up to every level (precinct, county, district, state). Even if you are not a delegate, but are "only" an alternate, show up, because alternates can stand in for delegates that are not present, which is bound to happen to some extent. Even if you cannot participate at all, you still may be able to attend as an observer.

*Learn Robert's Rules of Order and be prepared to use it (resources abound on the web). Stand up for yourself. Demand to be recognized by the presiding chair. Be bold. Speak up. Don't be afraid to slow the meeting down by stating "Point of order" or "Point of information." Take no crap. Film or otherwise document the entire process to ensure they are complying with their own rules. Do whatever you can while following the rules and remaining polite. You have a right to an open, fair process, but sometimes you have to demand that right.

*Learn the rules for your GOP, how the process should work, how many delegates and alternates your area is allowed to nominate. Know what should happen so you can know if something is amiss.

Having the numbers, showing up, and being prepared, organized, and bold are the keys! Good luck to everyone!