Comment: Isn't this the same lady that

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Isn't this the same lady that

Isn't this the same lady that was snipping at Paul over and over in a previous interview, focusing on his 'I don't dream of being in the White House' line when he first said it? I've noticed a pattern...specific interviewers are assigned to a particular 'talking point' for when they interview Paul or any of the major campaign staff.

There's a few others(MSNBC primarily) that whenever they talk to Paul, they, moreso than others, ask the same question over and over for the entire interview. "You know you can't win, so what are you going to do about being VP/having a speech", then just reword it, or "You're working with Mitt Romney, how do you respond to this discovery", then repeat it again and again.

I mean, I know they recycle questions between different interviews all the time, but lately, I've seen more "Alex Witt"s popping up in the last month, where they hound him or a staffer on the exact same topic. It's like the Dana Bash or Gloria Borger mess all over again...