Comment: Your post is rediculous.

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Your post is rediculous.

Wead made a mistake. It happens. All I suggested was that they edit out the mistake. Giving free publicity to such mistakes does not help our cause. (RonPaulFlix apparently agrees with me -- the part where Wead said Syria is land-locked is now gone.)

Trying to redefine "land-locked", as you have, to mean something completely different than its accepted definition in an attempt to pretend a mistake is not a mistake is not at all helpful. It just serves to feed the belief among many not-Paul(-yet) people that Paul and his supporters are disconnected from reality. (The MSM thanks you for your help though.)

And ask yourself why would Syria grant Iran passage? The answer is because Syria is friendly with Iran. Now ask yourself why would Iraq grant Iran passage? If you've been paying attention (such as listening to what Ron Paul says), then you would know that the US going into Iraq has had a significant unintended consequence, and that is converting Iraq from an Iran-unfriendly country into an Iran-friendly country. Granted, they're not as chummy with Iran (yet) as Syria is, but such friendliness would appear to be on their current vector.

The silly part of this bit of warmongering isn't that Iran might someday have access to a direct land route to the Mediterranean. The silly part is thinking that such a thing represents any serious threat to the United States.