Comment: "Attack" ad just change mind on Newt supporter

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"Attack" ad just change mind on Newt supporter

I was arguing with a guy on the rig out here about Newt... he's saying Newt was the only conservative. Well, I pulled up the "Newt G: Serial hyposcracy" truth ad and showed him. Amazingly, he didn't have a problem with the ties to Freddie Mac, and thought that the individual mandate comments by Newt were taken out of context. Fortunately, the comments were cited in the ad being from a Forbes article in May '11. A quick Google search turned up the actual article, and the full story with direct quotes, and the tie to Hillary.

His jaw hit the floor, he admitted he was wrong and bummed about hearing the truth about Newt.

These are 'Truth' ads, sometimes you just have to 'attack' with the truth. Nothing wrong with that.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose