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I somewhat agree with you

For starters, a disclaimer should be prominently displayed on the main page to indicate that this site is not affiliated with RP or his campaign. There is such a disclaimer at the top of each thread (which is barely visible), but I feel it should be on the homepage.

I disagree that "there is always so much misinformation on this site." However, Mittens pointed out that the title was incorrect 2 hours ago, and 15 minutes after that I posted a corroborating reply, and a request to Michael to change the title, as he is probably the one who promoted it. Everyone makes mistakes, but this title needs to be changed ASAP.

EDIT: I just realized that KingDiz pointed this out also in the first comment on the post at 7:08AM. So it has actually been over 3 and a half hours since a user indicated that the title should be changed.

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