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high time Americans learn to work with dangerous objects, ie

2nd Amendment rights on a daily basis, as in assuming themselves to be the sole protector of their own loved ones and property.

Hell, as Maywood, CA case clearly shows, ALL govts are in fact, by definition incorporated legal entities, ie CORPORATIONS.

Plus, if the fact that an entire municipality was shut down as their aberrant practices proved too risky for their own insurance company to continue to underwrite them, should beyond a shadow of a doubt prove to everyone that all govts are in fact nothing more than revenue leeching private corporations. Will RINO/neocon Statists, let alone liberal finally wake up to this reality?? Not likely.

So especially during this time of economic turmoil, short of genuine detectives who solve murder, rape, kidnapping, torture, and fraud, a genuine HRT, NOT SWAT, a real Hostage Rescue Team & Bombsquad for major metros, and CSI (a completely anonymous alphanumeric ID case profile independent labs is preferable, though admittedly it's still not the best solution, as who will their overwhelming percentage of customers be other than Statists? It's not like people will hire a lab for every single case of homicide especially when the legal paradigm still exist that local detectives solve the problem. Still, an independent private labs are far better than having CSI's within a police department, as way there is way too much incentive for evidence tempering, as demonstrated by the systematic evidence tempering in San Franciso PD & crimescene security, it's high time this country reassess EVERY facet of what a "govt" is, and especially as it pertains to their own safety and freedoms: time to RID the fundamental notion of a "police force."

In a supposed free society, let us pray we NEVER have to deal with the following two phrases: "Officer's Safety is paramount and sole priority." & "Qualified Immunity." NEITHER of which has ANYTHING to do with their Constitutional Oath, and the latter particularly is a complete Legal FICTION that has no place in Common Law. Period.

There are no such thing as "peace officers" anymore. And frankly, it's an abominable thought that a supposed 'free society' would allow themselves to submit themselves to be harassed, assaulted, and murdered by their own employees.

And, while there are many brave Constitutionalist Sheriffs, the sad reality is that more sheriffs are corrupt than congress and often run drugs themselves. They're elected just like rest of statists in Gvt that we all despise so much. And like incumbent Congressmen, rarely are they even 'de-throned' in an election.

So while Sheriff Mack's CSPOA and Stewart Rhodes OathKeepers are commendable, until the citizenry itself has a wholesale shift in paradigm about whose role it is to defend their lives and property, and even if they were to use gvt mechanism just how much they're willing to give up their own rights to do so, the latter being really a trick question of course, I'm afraid nothing will change.

But as the Doc so warned during the last debate, just like the failure of a massively imperial foreign policy, so too is our domestic policy of welfare and policestate doomed to fail, regardless of whether moral or Constitutional argument will prevail or not, because of there is one immutable law that these statists cannot avoid reality from: The Laws of Economics.

Police disbandment is happening more and more across the country. Frankly, I for one welcome these steps in organic dismemberment of the police state.

Not just in Maywood, CA:

Take a Bite Out of Crime: Abolish the Local Police

Posted by William Grigg on March 12, 2012 01:14 AM

Mount Sterling, Ohio — population 1,800 — recently disbanded its entire police force following an incident in which a police officer assaulted a child with a deadly weapon.

Officer Scott O’Neil was called to deal with a 9-year-old who refused to go to school. According to the Columbus Dispatch, “the situation somehow escalated” — apparently the child did something to make the valiant officer fear for his life — and O’Neill “used a Taser on the boy.”

A woman who spoke with the victim’s mother said that the child appeared to have suffered a total of six burns on his back from multiple Taser strikes. Details of the incident aren’t available because Village Administrator Joe Johnson, in violation of the Ohio open records law, has refused to release the official report. The Village Council learned of the assault from another police department, because Police Chief Mike McCoy initially withheld information about it from Mayor Charlie Neff.

At the time of its dissolution, Mount Sterling’s police force consisted of five part-time officers. Seven months ago, the village was compelled to lay off its entire full-time police force for budgetary reasons. A group of civic-minded donors took it upon themselves to nullify that blessing by raising money to hire the part-time cops – because, after all, no city should be deprived of the valuable service provided by cretins in body armor who are trained to make small children “ride the Taser.”



Mount Sterling Police Department Shut Down; Officer Accused Of Using Taser On 9-Year-Old Boy

First Posted: 03/11/2012 7:07 pm Updated: 03/12/2012 2:37 am

A small-town Ohio police department was shut down Friday after a cop allegedly used a taser on a 9-year-old boy, and the police chief kept quiet about it.

Details about the taser incident on Tuesday are few, but the Coshocton Tribune reported that the officer had been called to a Mount Sterling apartment where a child was refusing to go to school.

At some point, the visit became hostile and the part-time officer allegedly used a taser to subdue the boy. The police chief is accused of hiding the incident from village leaders.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul