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who is going to show up for this event would take a few minutes out and post a video like this! WOW how strong would that be?? This is the stuff that you have those on the fence view..everyone you ask will say Hell yeah I support the Troops..but who do they vote for? You CANNNOT believe how many people have ZERO idea who gets the Vets Vote..they will almost always say someone other then Dr. Paul. The MSM has done its job to Blackout these endorsements..but the more videos like this that come out the harder it will be to sweep these endorsements under the rug..This MUST GO VIRAL. It would be HUGE! God Bless all those who attend and I reall y do PRAY that this event will open the eyes of millions in this country..there is no stopping the R3VOLUTION people..just like there is no stopping the CRAP that is filling up the pants of the Status Quo!! LETS ROLL!!

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