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Party Regulars are the Hijackers?

David: I think you should be aware that a large part of what you call "Party regulars" are in fact NEW party members that got involved a year or so ago because they realized that the GOP is a mess and it will NEVER fix itself without pressure from the INSIDE. Many of us are "Tea Party types" and many do support Ron Paul.
Most of us think it is great that such a large group of young people are getting involved - the problem has probably always been that most young people are too busy trying to chase their own dreams and aspirations to spend any time in politics - I KNOW that was "my excuse" up until not very long ago. And, the same for most of my friends.
But, we simply don't believe that many of the supporters that came en-masse Saturday (and, obviously, last month at the Mass Meeting Conventions) will follow through.
If you think that getting Ron Paul in will solve our problems, and then you can go back to earning a living, you are mistaken. It will take a lot more than that and most of us PRAY that it happens.
In the meantime, we will go to GOP meeting twice a month, fight to get our Constitution back, pay LOTS OF DUES and work every DAY in EVERY WAY that we can to restore our Government and our Country to its former grandeur.
You are absolutely right about Ron's footprint and it is certainly to be respected.
However, there are 545 Elected Officials in Congress and THOUSANDS in the State Assemblies that are actually "running the show". If you think they are going to give up their Political Power for Ron or anyone else without a fight you are a dreamer!
The only way we will change the direction we are going is by getting "Citizen Representatives" into, at least, the House(s) of representatives as well (US as well as the States) and this will take a lot of footwork ALL YEAR LONG by THOUSANDS of dedicated people. And, it will NEVER happen without Term Limits - Nobody gives up Political Power, and the personal wealth that comes with it, willingly.
So, keep it up BUT: if you all are not willing to get MUCH MORE involved - all year long - every year: Don't expect much. Ron Paul will NOT be able to do it himself!