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I am so glad that I stopped and read this forum topic.

Before addressing any of the responses concerning this topic I am going to offer my angle of view on Ron Paul's words.

Benjamin Franklin

His comment, offered as a very old man, was sarcastic in reference to the "Republic".

If anyone has a copy of the Constitution written by Benjamin Franklin please consider publishing it before you respond to my comment concerning Franklin's sarcasm.

There was once a legal maneuver by Settlers living in the area of what is now Tennessee to become the State of Franklin. I have a copy of an old book reporting on that history titled: The Lost State of Franklin.

If you need more evidence concerning the sarcasm directed at The Constitution being a recipe for Republican Governance, and to be more precise: A Democratic Federated Republic form of government then read what the opponents of that fraudulent usurpation had to say about it, and in no uncertain terms, without any sarcasm whatsoever.

Read, for example, the speeches by Patrick Henry in opposition to ratification, and read the viewpoints of those who attended the Secret Proceedings in Philadelphia, those people who published their viewpoints after the gag order was lifted.

The Constitution was the end of a working Republic as proven by the events that document how a Republic did work during the regime under the voluntary contract called The Articles of Confederation (voluntary by relative measure to The Constitution, not absolutely voluntary for everyone within the boarders of that Legal Jurisdiction).

In no way, do not be mistaken, am I intending to detract from the messages offered by Ron Paul, in these times.

I am going to listen further as Ron Paul's speech was spoken into the Official National Record.

As to James Madison:

Please learn from history, please, or if you have a higher quality, more competitive understanding of history, then please correct any errors concerning what I am going to report to anyone reading this reply.

James Madison was a dupe who was taken in by Alexander Hamilton's lies, and all those other liars, frauds, and Monarchists, who had to have their legal money monopoly at all cost to their targeted victims.

James Madison, a dupe at the start, however duped he was during his part in constructing the all powerful Nation State, tried retracting his errors as he and Thomas Jefferson teamed up to try, in a vain effort, to put the tooth paste back in the tube, or put the cat back in the bag, with their Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions.

James Madison found out too late, that the "Federalists" were anything but, they were Monarchists hiding behind a veil of lies so thick as to become The Federalist Papers: a large volume of lies.

If they did what they said they were going to do, there would be a Democratic Federated Republic, to defend, but that is not what they did, they made a Constructively Interpretable, or, in modern terminology: a plausibly deniable, ambiguous, and often contradictory Color of Law document, that Constitution.

Please read Patrick Henry if nothing else is gained from this reply. Look up:

Day to Day Ratification Virginia 1788 

or read this:

Gag order lifted - finally 

or this:

Madison the flip flop flipper

If Democracy means dictatorship of anyone over anyone else then Democracy does not mean equal political power to all, where all laws apply to all equally.

A Democratic Federated Republic is three parts:

A. Democracy Part
The People are the democratic part, embodied with the power to vote with their feet, vote with their selection of representatives, vote as members of a Trial by Jury, and rebel against a criminal government if needed.

B. Federated Part
The Federal Government is the One Legal Entity or Legal Fiction that operates the voluntary Union of Federated States, as a keeper of the VOLUNTARY Union of Separate Sovereign States.

C. Republic Part
The whole, combined People, combined Federal Government, and combined Separate and Sovereign States are one thing, called a Republic, a voluntary agreement, or contract, to abide by a set of rules, and as soon as there is no more agreement, there is no more voluntary Union.

Democracy can be used as an accurate word intending to convey accurate meaning, if democracy means: dictatorship by anyone, or any group, then democracy is a synonym for crime.

If Democracy means equal power commanded by everyone, with no one above the law, then that is what democracy means, if we are all criminals, then law means the enforcement of crime. If we are all non-criminals, then democracy means no enforcement whatsoever.

If a speaker depends upon ambiguity of words, the speaker is a liar.


Quantitative Easing

Example 2:

Austerity Measures

Example 3:

"It depends upon what is is." Mr. President Clinton

This is already way too long. I'm going to publish it, and reply to other forum responders before listening to the rest of Ron Paul's speech with one final word on Ron Paul.

No matter from what angle Ron Paul approaches the problem of Legal Crime, call it whatever you want, his solution goes for the throat of it.

End Income Tax (stop enforcing legal theft)

End Legal Money Monopoly (repeal legal tender laws, or, stop destroying competition in money markets)

That fixes almost everything that can be fixed by "government".