Comment: Educate yourself using the Trivium method

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Educate yourself using the Trivium method

The Trivium method: (pertains to mind) – the elementary three.

General Grammar, Aristotelian Logic, and Classical Rhetoric comprise the first three rules-based subjects of the 7 Liberal Arts and Sciences. As these disciplines are learned and practiced together, they form the overarching, symbiotic system for establishing clarity and consistency of personal thought called the Trivium.

[1] General Grammar

(Answers the question of the Who, What, Where, and the When of a subject.) Discovering and ordering facts of reality comprises basic, systematic Knowledge

[2] Formal Logic

(Answers the Why of a subject.) Developing the faculty of reason in establishing valid [i.e., non-contradictory] relationships among facts, systematic Understanding

[3] Classical Rhetoric

(Provides the How of a subject.) Applying knowledge and understanding expressively comprises Wisdom or, in other words, it is systematically useable knowledge and understanding

Here's a great introductory book to the Trivium method:

PS. I'm a high school dropout too, for much of the same reasons as you, with similar goals as you. The difference is, I'm 35; congratulations on starting on the path of self improvement sooner than later.