Comment: Why isn't Ron Paul in Hawaii? Why didn't he campaign there?

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Why isn't Ron Paul in Hawaii? Why didn't he campaign there?

One thing I don't understand is why Ron Paul didn't pull out the stops to win "somewhere" such as in Hawaii. I guess I understand that it would have been a waste to go to the Virgin Islands. Puerto Rico is out of the question because it's a welfare state?

But I could have seen Ron Paul at the Royal Hilton on Waikiki Beach last night making a major sensation and a speech full of anti-Santorum sound bites that would have been remembered for decades.

But that didn't happen. Why? Who is running his campaign? It's possible that his time was better spent organizing midwestern constituencies for the takeover of the GOP by 2016 or 2020. But where is such cogent commentary on DailyPaul?

Regarding Santorum: This video doesn't show any encouraging broadside against this religious freak by Ron Paul. Ron Paul is simply not going after him in a way that could easily destroy him: Santorum's belief that "the pursuit of happiness doesn't mean doing what you want but what you ought to do".

That's the kind of unacceptable attitude that the RP campaign could successfully present LOUDLY as totally against everything Americans believe in and worse than the position of the left.

But he's not doing that. It comes across like, deep down inside, he's really as socially conservative and OK with authoritarianism as the next deep south "conservative".

Ron Paul is often getting ignored by the media because he really isn't picking specific fights and making sound bites that are totally relevant, especially toward Santorum's candidacy. He isn't any more media savvy than what gets him the attention he does get.

Why isn't Ron Paul getting on the evening news with a timely remark that "the Tea Party is dead because it was coopted by the religious right for the same old, same old authoritarian agenda". The editor of Reason just said that. Why can't RP? It's not as if the Tea Party isn't dead and hasn't been coopted by the religious right.

Ron Paul is a hero for our time and his delegate strategy is slowly taking over the GOP for the 2016 and 2020 election cycles.

But there could easily arise a better speaker who knows how to play the media more skillfully with relevant soundbites and more pointed attacks against crazies like Santorum.

I don't buy it that the media blackout is 100% because they don't like what he says.

He (we) have to learn how to be relevant to the immediate daily news cycle.