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Please retract the false accusation

If you We the People, a member of this forum, have accused me,Josf (Joe Kelley), of the error of confusing democracy with liberty, then please retract that false accusation.

You can define the word democracy as the quote Benjamin Franklin offered defines democracy.

I define democracy as a political power shared by everyone equally; whereby the idea is to limit political power to the same level for each person and where no person is legally more powerful than any other person.

Those are defensible words, defendable in a state of Liberty: whereby the people involved do not resort to willful deceit, threats of violence, and acts of violence as their forms of "defense".

I borrow that version of a definition of democracy from those who admit to being on a left side of a political scale that they construct into being voluntarily, or as a matter of habit.

Benjamin Franklin's quote, serving as a competitive definition, is illustrative of some hidden meaning yet to be uncovered accurately.

If it is crime that is to be plopped on the table for competitive review, then why not just call it crime?

As the "suffering" done by "the Confederation", again, there appears to be a hidden secret in that report whereby some actual people actually committed a crime upon a targeted victim or two.

Why mince words?

What is the point of covering up the facts with words that hide the facts?

I can guess.

As to the "answer" being "Sound money": by that you mean what exactly?

The answer provided by a government modeled as a Democratic Federated Republic, such as the example provided by the government under The Articles of Confederation, is legal competition in money markets, and the soundness or unsoundness of the money made legal in one State, may attract producers of valuable things to that State, proving the point of The Answer; which is competition.

Who gets to dictate what is or is not Sound Money?

Please retract the false accusation.

If anyone is confused, let them stand up and be counted.

If you claim that I am confused, then consider the real possibility that you are mistaken, since you have assumed the existence of something that only exists in your imagination.

If you have a working definition of the word democracy, from a right perspective, in that spectrum or scale of left versus right, or socialism versus capitalism, then try hammering one out yourself, instead of borrowing from someone else, especially when the definition is anything but a working one, as the two wolves have no power to vote, not in a legal sense, and if the subject isn't law, then that piece of paper, that Constitution, is worth less than toilet paper.