Comment: if you want to trade natural

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if you want to trade natural

if you want to trade natural gas itself, you can do so through GAZ or UNG. I traded GAZ last month for a quick pop from $3.50 to around $5.50. I still think natural gas will go lower in the short term, but will likely go much higher in the coming years.

Right now there is an oversupply. We have massive supplies of nat gas in the shale regions, but supply is a lot more than demand. As more nat gas filling stations pop up, that will start to change. Westport makes a solid nat gas motor...and their stock has been flying. nat gas can also be sold at MUCH higher prices overseas, but we are still building the infrastructure to get it there.

Bottom line, nat. gas will be huge in the coming years. Lots of money likely to be made on the companies that build out this growth.

of course, if we fall into a Mad Max world from our debt....all bets are off.

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