Comment: We should CAMPAIGN AGAINST all of them, if RP

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We should CAMPAIGN AGAINST all of them, if RP

is not on a ballot--that's what I say!

Yes, campaign against OBUMMER, RUMMEY, all the money whore-bag scoundrels.

All Wall Street & Fed Reservists' Obummer & Rummey care about is the GLAMOUR of the White House, the free parties, the attention, the free & extravagant trips abroad, Martha's Vineyard, the fancy homes, I mean, it's enough to turn our founding forefathers over in their graves---oh, and did I forget the fact they get "waived" from ObummerCare? Uh huh, right along with the UNIONS & McDONALDS, etc. If people don't think there is a CLASS WAR & A HIGH CLASS MONOPOLY, they are really stupid is all I gotta say. How far we've come from Congressmen just working the summers--the GREEDY GLUTS!