Comment: Shed light on this? Hey, sure! I am glad to help!

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Shed light on this? Hey, sure! I am glad to help!

In all honesty I have no clue on the actual intent of Mr Masnik claiming things about Ron Paul supposedly disregarding the people's right to free speech, etc.

Which couldn't be farther from the truth.

Indeed, such claims, put in parallel with Ron Paul's DECADES-long, PUBLIC, and VOTING record of defending individuals liberties, precisely, are totally inconsistent... I don't know much about the court case Mr Masnik is "enlighting" us with, but I am (very) afraid some things might be, say, slightly biaised...


We sure can find easily what Mr Masnik is REALLY interested in, since he does it as a CEO :

Selling, and prop'ing up a cutting edge platform for big business lobbying made easy, if you ask me:

My advice:

Always have a look at the nature of what people make for a living, it is very informative re: the context of the light to shed...

'hope it helps!

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