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Hey, thanks humanic

Now I know better...

Wait, so let me get this straight...

Phase 1. Someone from huntsman's camp tries to frame Ron Paul with a psyop attack that got eventually debunked and reported as such (but we don't know, yet, in phase 1. Duh)

Phase 2. Ron Paul's camp and campaign become aware of it, and decides to go to the bottom of it, by trying to find who's hiding and would have the best interests in the slander that starts to damage his campaign (mostly because of the noise and negative confusion created)

Phase 3. Enters a lawyer of Ron Paul not to attack freedom of speech, but just to defend Ron Paul's reputation before too much slander harm is done

Phase 4. A judge decides that, ok, but no, there is nothing to be concerned enough on the plaintif's side (RP)

Phase 5. Eventually, though, the truth surfaces re: the psyop and using the same medium (www) that was used to carry it in the first place

Phase 6. The truth once surfaced is corroborated by different sources, past the first one

Phase 7. Disregarding altogether points 1, 5, 6 above, people like Mr Masnik decide that, sorry, but no, Ron Paul's camp in 2, 3, 4, had no legitimacy in their defensive action and just wanted to destroy people's free speech.

Yeah, right.


Try harder next time.

For some reason, I don't see anything sensical there.

That is : in Mr Masnik's article's conspiracy theory.

Well, yes, since he is so ardent to insist on labeling.

I think that does fit him perfectly. Looks very neat on you, Mr Masnik.


Nice to wear, isn't it?

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