Comment: What got me onto Ron Paul

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What got me onto Ron Paul

Sometimes I feel like the 'enemy' here because I'm over 50 AND female. I'm getting used to hearing how my generation is the problem, and rather than respond to those comments, I just mutter to myself "Look you snot-nosed ungrateful brat, Who fed you and changed your crap diapers for years, educated and fed you - Who shaped the values you obviously have today?" But I never say it ;)

The one thing that made me a solid Ron Paul supporter for life was the web page he had in 2007. It was laid out great with all the info you could ever need to know about HIM (not his supporters). I clicked on the Written Archives link and started reading. The light came on and has never left. I've often thought that if every home in America simply had a link to his written archives, he would already be president. I also checked the link that talked about his personal life - the long marriage with Carol and great kids. It was the cherry on top.

Education is key, and the best one to do that is Dr. Paul. You wouldn't believe how many people don't really know what the Fed is, and think return to gold standard means getting rid of the dollar to carry little pouches with gold coins. I'm not kidding you. It's a HUGE problem. The best solution I can think of are Perot-styled, 30-minute education ads.

I came. I saw. I concurred.