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Comment: Chu is lying through his teeth

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Chu is lying through his teeth

He Knows. More than that, Chu knows that there will be no serious investigation or charges. Just some momentary embarrassment that will become yesterday's news, then hearsay, then nothing at all.

After all, didn't Eric Holder get treated like he was coated in Teflon with Fast And Furious gun running fiasco in Mexico? Doesn't Bernanke still have his job in the Fed, even when Dr's Paul's last year audit revealed trillions of US dollars loaned out to us businesses and foreign interests? Was Obama censored by a majority by Congress for his unconstitutional military action in Libya? Isn't the TSA still violating our 4th amendment rights on a daily basis?
Voter fraud still persisting throughout Dr. Paul's campaign despite ample evidence?

Rand Paul was wonderful grilling Chu. Heroic. But he might as well be tilting at the metaphoric windmills he mentioned in his cross-examination of Chu. There is no outrage in DC. No call from the President for Chu to resign.

I'm believe any investigation done today, no matter how many hard facts are found and presented, will lead to nothing. Future investigations serve only one purpose, as a postmortem on the various causes to the death of liberty by corruption of those in office who have violated their oath.
I fear that freedom in this country has reached terminal proportions due to the widespread cancer of self-interest of those in office.I fear even Ron and Rand Paul's best efforts cannot stave it off.

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!
---Lily Tomlin