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Finding information about the Fed?

really makes me understand Dr. Paul's commission to audit it.

This topic is so old, I know but it's going to come back up because at all the rallies someone is bound to be there passing out this flyer "Did you know that on December 23, 2013, the Federal Reserve Charter expires?"

I did review the "pdf" document of the original text.
I asked Tom Woods about it tonight on LibertyChat and he was taken aback
I asked Ben Swann - he's looking into it as well

I've also found a number of people blogging on the web about it as of the Thrive movie release because Gamble gives a specific dates.

Basically, the blogs I'm reading all say that a congress AFTER the 67th in 1913 granted an open charter. If ANYONE has information that is different from this, it would be good to know. Again, getting info on the Fed is about as possible as finding Santorum supporters at a Santorum rally.