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Presidential Dog Eat Dog World.

If you want to be President you have to learn how to cheat better then the rest. It is like Survivor. Its just a Game. They did after all ,name that movie about Palin-Game Changer! One has to know how to play hard ball. I think Romney has the balls to be President. Santorum also has balls. Remember , he got Democrats to switch over to vote for him in Ohio. You have to scheme and be good at it. For example if you are a delegate and you show up with long hair, you are not scheming good enough. If you do not count the delgates and you let the TV lie about the number o f delegates then you are not going to hold on to your delgates. They will say , O, Associated Press said you only had 33, so that is all you got. Even though we have 66 to 67. Them conservative Evangelical Christians sure are scheming good. And that scheming Santorum is not even an Evangelical. He is a Catholic. Now that takes balls! But you guys want Ron Paul to keep quite and be good in his corner. No Ron, don't use the Christian card. No Ron , don't use the Romney card. No Ron, don't use the ProLife Card. No Ron, fight with one hand tied behind your back. No ,Ron, don't quote any Bible Scriptures. No, Ron just accept small donations. No Ron, don't try to get the votes of Super voters ahead of time, that's pandering.