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I am a Christian as well (and

I am a Christian as well (and the 'Santorum Christians' make me feel ashamed because they most likely HAVE heard of Ron Paul yet don't do the research so there's really no excuse especially if they've seen the last debate). It is very hard for me to feel compassion for their ignorance anymore.

I have been wearing my Ron Paul t-shirt every Sunday as I go to the larger mega-church in town. Yesterday I went to a big Christian fund-raising event with my Ron Paul button on my hat so no one can miss it when they see me, and with Ron Paul bumper stickers all over the car. In addition, I will be writing a plea to my Christian brothers and sisters asking that they look at Ron Paul before it's too late, and will be printing my message out and putting it on the windshield of the cars parked in the lot, along with emailing the pastors and leaders. I feel that we've gotta do these sorts of things to reach them with the message. I imagine that a comparison sheet between Paul and Santorum would be good to hand out.