Comment: Instead of leaving the party

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Instead of leaving the party

Instead of leaving the party how about your get MORE active in the part. Go to the meetings and conventions. Run for executive positions. This way you can have a direct effect on the party. Most GOP members don't do these things.

Of 47,000 registered republicans in my county we had 40 of them at the convention. Elections for executive positions were not held this year, but they will be next year and we can get a Ron Paul Republican in these positions.

I also noticed that there was a lot of family connections. Husband/wife on the committees.

You get a chance to meet the candidates and talk to them for 2-3 hours. They take your ideas more seriously, because you are making the effort to be at the meetings so you are more cedible.

Being a member of a political party is more than voting and complaining. Be active in the 3 years between presidential elections and you will have more say on that 4th year.