Comment: Justin Riamondo's False 3rd Party-Run Argument

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Justin Riamondo's False 3rd Party-Run Argument

I do like and admire Justin's writing. I read his writing all the time. But today he wrote a piece that says its decision time for the Paul campaign. No it is not "decision time".

We in the R3VOLution have made the decision. There is NO TURNING BACK. We are going inside the two party duopoly to gain access to the voter database and access to the national stage. Moreover, the long term gain is none other than taking over all the key positions inside the GOP and hopefully soon, the DNC.

As far as the election in 2012, if it goes "badly" then lets look at what we gain. Another Convention of our own! Yea! Further we will have thousand and thousands of republicans moving up the real GOP elected official ranks, inside the party apparatchik. Come Napolitano2016, we are Ready. Come Rand 2016 we are Ready. We are learning more than our opponents will ever know. We are growing and we are not taking the R (or D) label off.

No Justin, we have learned from what I wrote above and learned from watching other 3rd party also runs flounder, for the very reasons you know so well. So CATCH the vision of the insider take over. History is repeat with THAT Success.


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