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The story (was short enough to post here)

Oregon GOP Willing To Hold Debate With 3 Presidential Candidates

The Oregon Republican Party says it's prepared to move forward with plans for a debate featuring three of the GOP presidential candidates.

Mitt Romney has declined to participate in a Presidential Primary debate in Portland. Newt Gingrich has accepted a debate invitation.

Debate organizers have not yet heard from the campaigns for Rick Santorum and Ron Paul.

The debate is scheduled to take place at OPB on Monday, March 19th. PBS and NPR have agreed to air the debate live, on public television and radio stations.

Oregon Republican Party chairman Allen Alley says the party wants to give voters an opportunity to hear "more in-depth, thoughtful answers from candidates about how they stand on critical issues."

Alabama and Mississippi hold presidential primaries Tuesday.

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!