Comment: I've been emailing back in

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I've been emailing back in

I've been emailing back in forth with Doug Wead all morning and he will be posting about this and I'm sure everything else that others have found on his blog. I've also sent him other things I found... - but this is now unpublished for some reason so in case it's unreadable, this is what i sent him...

Romney and Obama's backer, Goldman-Sachs, just "happens" to be the sole partner of the company that puts out ELECTION SOFTWARE for electronic voting machines that tally the vote!

The public should know about what this guy has been doing!!Please help expose the author of this sabotage article.
Here's some evidence to consider.
A LITTLE BACKGROUND ON THE WRITER OF THIS "ARTICLE": In the three links below, you will see Joe Newby participating in various Facebook conversations that promote racist, highly unethical and possibly illegal activities (dressing up as KKK at Ron Paul rallies, calling and berating voters and then saying that they work for Ron Paul, etc). One such on-line conversation involved a Mr. Jere Brower posting plans to have "Stop Ron Paul 2012" members, which includes Joe Newby, show up at Ron Paul rallies dressed in fake KKK hoods and outfits. Here is a link to a YouTube video showing Mr. Newby's, and others, participation in that discussion. Mr. Newby shown around the 6 min mark.
In this second link, you will see Joe Newby, Jere Brower and others discussing phone calls, which those in their group said that they made to potential voters in South Carolina, while pretending to be Ron Paul campaign staff:
In this final link, you will see a screen shot of Joe Newby participating in this particular conversation: