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Comment: See my above reply why this doesn't make sense.

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See my above reply why this doesn't make sense.

The 6:33pm in the tabular graphic has nothing to do with when it was taken in California and the image shows that as ET for Eastern Time. The 6:33pm ET is an absolute time reference. Thus when CNN recorded that data update it was 3:33 in California. (though you took the screen shot nearly 3 hours later at 6:48 pacific time)

If the 9:21 in the map image was Central time, that means that data correlates to being updated on the CNN site at 10:21 ET and 7:21 California time. Regardless of when the shots were taken, 10:21ET is AFTER 6:33ET and 7:21 PT is AFTER 3:33PT.

Maybe you misunderstood what I was comparing. I'm comparing the time stamps that CNN shows when they updated the data on their site. I'm not looking at time stamps on the image files generated by your computer or the one in MS.

The kicker here is that the tabular image has a hard coded Eastern Time displayed that shows all candidates but Paul with MORE votes (and a higher percentage reporting) than does the map graphic data which no matter how you slice it in which time zone HAD to be updated on the CNN site after the Tabular one.