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Nope, but thanks.

You see, the 6:33pm is specified as Eastern Time on the CNN site. Look at it closely. It shows "ET" for Eastern Time. If there were no time zone there, or if it said "PT" for Pacific Time, I'd agree with you.

But it is there.

That 6:33 time is NOT your local time (Pacific). Thus it wasn't posted on CNN at 9:33 Mississippi time. (Central) It was posted at 5:33 CT and 3:33 PT. Or the timestamps are all wrong, but I doubt it.

Besides, 9:21 Central is 7:21 California (Pacific) not 6:21. There are only two hours difference. This means according to what you just posted:

One shot, the first one, was taken at 9:21 CT, aka 7:21 PT and 10:21 ET, but somehow a second screen shot was taken 12 minutes later at 6:33 PT, that magically shows 6:33 ET. (which translates to 5:33 CT)

That can't happen either. It can't be 6:33 in both PT and ET at the same time.

There is no evidence that shows the tabular data was uploaded to CNN at any time OTHER than 6:33 EASTERN. (that's one hour ahead of MS) And no matter how you slice the 9:21 into either CT, ET or AT, it is always AFTER the 6:33 tabular shot and thus is also impossible because it shows votes going DOWN for three candidates and in total. (as well as the percent reporting) It is thus impossible for the 9:21 shot to take place under normal laws of the universe BEFORE the 6:33 shot. It just can't happen.

Anyway - we otherwise agree, this is all fubar.