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Comment: Raimondo's sane 3rd party proposal

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Raimondo's sane 3rd party proposal

ron paul alone cannot do it and he does not have many collaborators in politics to take over the gop and dnc.

it takes courage to go third party and detach yourself from gop. the facts and statistics are not in line with any takeover of all gop leadership positions.

just as tea party was co-opted and died within gop, so could libertarians inside gop, especially as its numbers and media exposure is more limited. even rand is a tea party person.

you don't set the rules if you have no leadership positions, but follow them. even true tea partiers do not have any gop leadership positions.

media and establishment have all but dropped paul for some time now - it is disrespectful and that disrespect should not be taken by sticking to status quo gop and their deal.