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I believe it's just a very simple algorhythm put in to flip a certain % of one candidates votes to another but only in precincts where the votes casted are above a certain number. If this file is accurate, it basically shows that there is a direct 1.0 correlation between precinct size and votes for Romney in certain states, and a direct -1.0 correlation for Ron Paul when comparing precinct size to votes in those same states. Basically, the algorithm flips just enough votes to Romney from the other three (mostly RP and Gingrich) in certain precincts to end up with whatever the desired result is.

Mad props to whoever thought to run this. It's obvious that if the votes are being flipped or changed in anyway, it is more likely to happen in precincts where there are a large number of votes casted so it isn't as likely to be detected. For there to historically be a 0% correlation between precinct size and votes, and then for it to all of a sudden jump up to 99% is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that votes were being tampered with in large precincts.