Comment: All the theorizing and prognosticating in the world

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All the theorizing and prognosticating in the world

Ain't gonna mean nothin' to the voting machines.

Frankly the establishment candidates are so terrible and the primary process has been executed so poorly for the Republicans that it basically looks like the general election is being set up to "re-elect" (N)Obama.

I'm under no illusion that the two party system is a fact. We actually have a one party system that pretends to be two. Think through that carefully.

Thanks to Diebold and ES&S it looks like, based on the (fradulent) narrative being put out by the MSM, that the voting machines are going to be programmed to flip votes to Obombya come November. They're already flipping votes to Romney in the primaries. Gee...I wonder why they want a rich Wall Street type who isn't even a real conservative to be the nominee... hmm.. oh yeah maybe they're setting up for an Obama win in the General. huh.

Not being defeatist. Not giving up. Just acknowledging that the USA no longer has honest elections, and hasn't for some years.