Comment: I agree to an extent, however

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I agree to an extent, however

I agree to an extent, however I know that if it was specifically Paul and Gingirch, it would give the MSM a very powerful 'spin' to use for the following week. "Oh look at that, the 2 losers are duking it out"

You and I, and all of us here, know that Paul could smash Gingrich(even though Gingrich is 'the great debater', remember the Chickenhawk moment, Gingrich is not invincible in debates). The problem is, many people do not read beyond the headlines. And while it would give all of us here a boost, it would do little to help those unfamiliar with Paul truly recognize him(which, as I can see from some of the comments, would defeat the purpose of this, since many claim it would be great for exposure, but if it's just him and Gingrich, the headline can be spun for negative exposure).

I would love to see a Paul v Santorum debate though, that would be amazing for PR.