Comment: Dictatorial communication

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Dictatorial communication

If I am not mistaken, a discussion involves a number of viewpoints connected in the effort to compare those viewpoints for quality, seeking to find the higher quality viewpoint, since lower quality viewpoints cost too much.

If, on the other hand, the connection is not as described above then what is the connection?

If the connection is one viewpoint dictating the meanings of words, against any objection, where the one viewpoint refuses to ever consider the possibility that there can be a more accurate, and therefore higher quality definition, then what is that connection?

Democracy is a word that is defined in many ways from many sources and if the dictators here want to dictate one meaning then that is fine, that will allow the discussion to move on.

If democracy is two wolves and a lamb, then is this discussion about the animal kingdom?

I have not lot my way, I'm here to discuss Liberty which is a condition of human life, not animal life. Let me know, please, which topic is up for discussion.

If the word democracy means the same thing as human crime, then why not call crime with the accurate word for crime; which is crime. Why do people willfully destroy the accuracy of language if not to willfully cause injury to the innocent people who are being targeted with such willful deceit?