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Dictatorial definitions

If it is decreed by fiat that there is only one monopoly definition of democracy and that one single, and only, definition is only: majority rule (whatever that means), then the following statement could be true:

"Trial by Jury is not democratic"

Because I say so?

You and what army?

The point of Trial by Jury, and understood by King John, is that every potential juror in The Country (boundaries of the legal jurisdiction or "legal fiction") has as much power as the King, and he knew it, and in that sense Trial by Jury is democratic, so long as there is no King who has the absolute power to dictate the definition of the word democracy to mean only what that despotic King says it means.

Democracy can mean something other than majority rule, in fact it does mean that, according to a number of people who may not be a majority.

Which definition rules?

And: if it is majority rule, then why not call it crime, if it is no different than crime? Why mince words? If you are describing a criminal act, then why not call it crime?

What is the purpose of hiding crime behind less evil sounding terminology?