Comment: "March 22, 2008 - Although

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"March 22, 2008 - Although

"March 22, 2008 - Although Paul received just 3.8 percent of the vote during the primary race in St. Charles County"

And you expect the public NOT to be outraged at your behavior! You are trying to strong arm the nomination AGAINST the will of the majority of people! What the hell is wrong with you people? Embarrassing! Get control of your emotions!

Did you notice during at least one of the debates(and I suspect all of them), Ron Paul would ALWAYS stop talking when his allotted time had expired, yet all the other candidates would continue talking until the moderator had to over ride them. Now THAT is a man with self control and integrity! That small group of angry Ron Paul supporters in St Charles are a disgrace to his movement!

Please come up with a strategy that is better than acting like a gang of arrogant loud mouthed thugs to steal the nomination!