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Comment: I have been watching this for years.

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I have been watching this for years.

Remember when Reuters and Bloomberg reported on the 134 billion in negotiable bearer bonds being smuggled thru Italy in the false bottom of a suitcase by two unidentified Japanese men? Then Hal Turner reported they were Japanese treasury officials etc. Then Hal Turner was arrested for inciting violence and black bagged under the patriot act? The the FBI said he had been an informant for 20 years? The USA said the bonds were fakes.

Possibilities? #1 They are fakes not good, counterfeiting that good the quality of those bonds on the open market could collapse the system. #2 they are real and Japan is trying to dump their bonds before they collapse and don't want to get caught doing it and cause the collapse before they get out. #3 They are real and the missing TARP funds?

They now have been validated! Contrary to the US statement that they were fake they are in fact real! Bonds are easy to verify and the Italian press was going nuts about how to spend the 40% they expected Italy to keep as a penalty for getting caught smuggling. So they are real negotiable bearer bonds! 134 Billion is huge only 3 countries could have that amount. They have been validated the 134 billion are real!

No where in my contemplating did I come up with a white dragon LOL. There is a 11 page lawsuit I have a copy read most of it curious! They also just seized 6 TRILLION in bonds! Very similar see the photos? In Chicago federal reserve envelopes see the boxes they were in? Did you see the 15 Trillion transferred to RBS by Tim Gietner and Alan Greenspan being investigated by Lord James from the House of Lords kinds ike congress? 790 tons of gold?

The 6 trillion seem to be as well!? The 15 trillion have the right signatures and receipts from the banks why would bank create receipts for fake deposits? Then the audit the FED came up with 16 trillion coincidence? There are so many pieces to this puzzle? A gigantic rip off? Fraud? I keep trying to verify and I have found many pieces that seem insane to actually check out as true? Including reports from a Chinese ambassador complaining of fraud and failure to pay debts as required by president Obama?

There is also a story that said the earthquake outside DC was caused by a bomb blast and comparisons of the seismic graphs from other earth quakes and the Oklahoma City bombing seismic reports from the bombs. Is one section of the NSA battling the CIA and what is considered by some our rouge government that has discarded the Constitution and the rule of law and must be removed from office.

All of it seems crazy. How much is real? How can we verify any of it? Just the 134 billion in bonds and the government denying their authenticity seems crazy. THOSE ARE REAL. Where did they come from? The lawsuit filed over them is real I found it in the court doc actually filed. Obama, the UN, Italian prime minister arrested for corruption was listed as defendants. Long interesting list of defendants.

The fake gold plated tungsten bars from Ft Knox shipped to China. The Chinese found the records of their creation during the Clinton administration. MF Global filing the wrong bankruptcy and JP Morgan Citigroup Soros making out like bandits all illegal. Stealing the gold and silver. Our entire government is corrupt, the entire financial system is fraud.

I need a beer.

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